Masters’ Mistress: The Angel Eyes Series Book 1

1 MM

Slavery locked him in chains. Regret imprisoned her heart. Can Love liberate them both?

In a future world ravaged by war, Bret Masters strives to evade a society intent on enslaving him. But he cannot elude them forever. After being sold like a bull at auction, Bret refuses to play nice with his new Mistress. But the one-time cowboy soon finds himself sorely tempted by her feminine charms. Afraid the woman will capture his battered yet lonely heart, Bret plans to escape her allure and regain his freedom at any cost.

Struggling with her painful past, Angel Aldridge aims to keep her ranch alive and the people living there safe. She has no time for a man in her life, especially not one hell-bent on causing her trouble. She closed her heart to romance years ago. Now, her enemies make love too great a risk to take. Even with the rebellious and passionate man who ignites her dormant desires… Or so she thought…

Will Angel surrender to her fantasy by opening her heart to the one man she cannot trust? Or will Bret’s unyielding need for freedom destroy them both?

Download Masters’ Mistress, Book One of the Angel Eyes Series, to delve into a world that feels familiar, but is unlike any other you’ve ever known…